Our Work.

As a climate tech agency, our work is what defines us, directs us and drives us. Here are a few examples of the work we’re most proud of.

Woman with red hair wearing yellow jacket explores peaceful green forest, symbolizing Evergreen Energy Partners' new brand refresh and identity, and their expanded offerings that make energy efficiency initiatives accessible to all.
Alder camus case study
Aerial view of the MIT campus, above the rotunda, on a sunny day, looking across the Charles River to the city beyond.

Evergreen Energy Partners

An evergreen message of partnership for a proven efficiency firm

After decades as a pioneering energy efficiency firm, Evergreen Energy Partners needed to repackage their expertise for the rapidly evolving marketplace. Alder delivered a comprehensive brand evolution, complete with a new visual identity, website, and slightly shifted name, that captures Evergreen’s expansion into new offerings and speaks to their customers’ maturing needs.

Alder camus case study


Driving Growth by Putting the Pieces Together

Having secured its Series A funding, Camus focused on driving growth. While the team had a raft of content to work with, they were lacking a cohesive campaign to tie it all together. Alder designed an integrated lead generation campaign that used Camus’ existing content to generate qualified leads while also increasing brand awareness across channels.

Aerial view of the MIT campus, above the rotunda, on a sunny day, looking across the Charles River to the city beyond.
Viatec Smart PTO
Aerial view of the MIT campus, above the rotunda, on a sunny day, looking across the Charles River to the city beyond.
MIT Energy Conference

Partnering with the climate changemakers of tomorrow

The organizers of the MIT Energy Conference were looking to attract more industry professionals and raise ticket prices. While the team had resources from student volunteers, they needed consistent and high-quality design and strategic event marketing advice. Through a collaborative partnership, the MIT Energy Conference team and Alder delivered the most successful conference ever, attracting more attendees and sponsors and generating more revenue than ever before.

Viatec Smart PTO


A brand ready to disrupt battery manufacturing

As a startup on the verge of reshaping the battery manufacturing intelligence sector, Liminal was poised to move from the lab to the market and unlock a new era of growth. Alder guided the team through a rebranding journey, creating a presence and personality for the brand that reflects their upward momentum.



From a national energy efficiency provider with hundreds of US employees and nearly 30 years of history to an agile startup working in the trenches with communities on issues of decarbonization, PECI needed a rebrand that reframed its context and set a progressive vision.

lo3 energy


A pioneer of transactive energy software using blockchain technology, LO3 required trust among energy professionals, policymakers, investors and energy consumers. As disruptive as the technology was, we developed a highly innovative brand system that communicated its values to a multi-stakeholder audience.

Farmer woman looks at wind turbines
Farmer woman looks at wind turbines



Alder developed an audience generation campaign for SDED’s webinar, targeting decision-makers in the developer, energy, utilities, and heavy industries sectors in California and beyond. The webinar was the most successful in SDED’s history with more than 350 registrants and an attendance rate more than 75 percent above average.

Energysmart jobs


The Energy Smart Jobs program was administered through the California Energy Commission and funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. It included multiple partner organizations from government agencies to utilities. Because of the brand’s high profile and its requirement to co-brand with several organizations, we developed a strategy that allowed the brand to stand on its own while remaining versatile enough to complement partners in co-branding scenarios.

Alder camus case study
Viatec Smart PTO
Alder camus case study



The challenge for Alder from the energy-saving platform startup was to better identify, understand, reach, and engage the relevant decision-makers at large sustainability-focused companies in California.

Viatec Smart PTO


Positioning for growth & scale builds brand & increases qualified leads

Viatec was pursuing an ambitious growth strategy when the COVID-19 pandemic eliminated its primary channel for marketing and sales—industry trade shows. Alder developed a digital marketing and lead generation campaign which led to an increase in Viatec’s brand and filled its sales pipeline in a targeted, cost- and time-efficient manner.

Collaborate & listen.

We’re driven by the purpose of advancing the adoption of climate technologies until they become universal. We envision climate tech systems embodied in every business operation around the world. We collaborate with and donate time and resources to organizations that share our mission.

Work with Alder & Co.

When our climate tech clients achieve their mission, by the same token, we achieve our own. So let’s do this together.

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