Evergreen Energy Partners.

An evergreen message of partnership for a proven efficiency firm.


Evergreen Energy Partners
Beaverton, OR
United States


  • Brand Strategy & Management
  • New Brand Identity
  • Website Design & Development
  • SEO Optimization
  • Collateral Refresh & Development
  • Brand Rollout Counsel & Messaging
  • Ad-hoc Feedback & Advice


Evergreen Consulting Group, now Evergreen Energy Partners, is a nearly 30-year old full-service energy efficiency program design and implementer, serving utilities and energy organizations across the U.S. They are widely recognized for their work with commercial, residential and industrial energy initiatives and highly value their heritage and exceptional customer service. As a Certified B Corporation, how they do business is just as important as what they do.


As the energy market evolved, so did Evergreen. As a leading energy efficiency implementer, it needed to update its brand to reflect its expansion into new offerings and speak more directly to customers’ maturing needs. With a nationwide customer base, the new brand needed to tell Evergreen’s distinctive story in a way that appealed across cultural lenses while conveying experience and technical expertise.


The partnership between Alder and the Evergreen team was highly collaborative from the start of the year-long project. Alder conducted numerous workshops and primary and secondary research to best understand the intricacies of Evergreen’s industry, key client strengths, outside perspectives and critical company value sets. These efforts collectively informed Alder’s recommendation for an evolved brand name, new positioning and distinctive brand identity that was centered on clarity of message and conveying meeting the needs of their customers. All was brought to life by Alder across Evergreen’s various customer touch points, including a refreshed website and numerous sales and brand collateral. Alder also provided strategic counsel and messaging support for Evergreen’s rollout of their refreshed brand internally and externally..


The collaboration between Evergreen and Alder was a success. The new brand name, positioning, website and extensive collateral were widely praised by internal Evergreen team members and external clientele.

The Evergreen team benefited from Alder’s expertise and forward-thinking counsel and design, breathing new life into the decades-old brand for continued industry resonance for years to come. The client’s new identity honors their heritage, acknowledges the breadth of their current business, and sets a path forward into the future. Renamed as Evergreen Energy Partners, the brand capitalizes on its history of market leadership and commitment to making energy initiatives accessible to all.

The collaboration between Evergreen Energy Partners and Alder was a success, breathing new life into the decades-old brand and ensuring its continued resonance for years to come.


Evergreen team members are supportive of the refreshed brand




Attendees gather in groups, chatting at the 2023 MIT Energy Conference.
Sample pages from the MIT Energy Conference Brand Guidelines emphasizing the guidelines cover.
MIT Energy Conference website showing the event title and theme, dates and location, and the keynote panel title with four panelists.

“Alder has been our invaluable partner from the inception of our brand refresh journey. Their professionalism, creativity, leadership, and grace guided us through every step. Alder made the challenging process of self-reflection as a company remarkably insightful, helping us see ourselves more clearly. We are thrilled with the results and couldn’t have achieved this without Alder by our side.”

Emily Pearce

Client Engagement Director, Evergreen Energy Partners

“When working with a 27-year-old company, there is a balance between honoring our heritage and envisioning our future. Alder led a thoughtful process with stakeholders, team members, and clients to develop a brand that achieved that balance. Alder’s team offered insight and the right amount of encouragement to help us step boldly forward.”

Matt Gibbs

President, Evergreen Energy Partners

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