MIT Energy Conference.

Partnering with the climate changemakers of tomorrow.


MIT Energy Conference
Boston, MA
United States


  • Event Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Guidelines & Social Media Templates
  • Weekly Coaching Meetings
  • Ad-hoc Feedback & Advice


The MIT Energy Conference is a student-led conference that started in 2006. It has since grown into one of the leading energy conferences in North America, attracting not only students, but professionals, academics and policymakers from around the world.


The organizers of the MIT Energy Conference were looking to scale the event by attracting more industry professionals and raising ticket prices to reflect the quality of the speakers, content and networking opportunities. However, the student-led team behind the conference had limited real-world experience in marketing strategy and event marketing. While they had sufficient resources from student volunteers, the team needed a set of design guidelines, to ensure consistency and quality across their marketing materials. On a larger scale, they needed guidance in developing a marketing strategy and executing it to clearly communicate the event’s value and attract more attendees, while maintaining the standard of excellence established over the years.


The partnership between Alder and the MIT Energy Conference team was designed to be collaborative from the outset. Deliverables included a workshop to develop the event marketing strategy and marketing plan as well as the creation of design guidelines and social media templates. Alder also provided weekly coaching, feedback and advice on executing the marketing plan, partner marketing, social media advertising, measurement and reporting throughout our four-month partnership.


The collaboration between the MIT Energy Conference and Alder was a success, with the event attracting more attendees, industry professionals and sponsors than ever before. The event marketing was on brand, effective and measured against targets. The MIT Energy Conference team benefited from Alder’s expertise, providing a learning experience for the student volunteers who improved their event marketing competencies across marketing strategy, segmentation, persona development, ad strategy and tactical execution, list management, persuasive copywriting, design and brand management.
The collaboration between the MIT Energy Conference and Alder was a success, with the event attracting more attendees, industry professionals and sponsors than ever before.


increase in tickets sold to industry representatives


increase in gross revenue


LinkedIn ad click-through-rate

Sample of the MIT Energy Conference banner.
Attendees gather in groups, chatting at the 2023 MIT Energy Conference.
Sample pages from the MIT Energy Conference Brand Guidelines emphasizing the guidelines cover.
MIT Energy Conference website showing the event title and theme, dates and location, and the keynote panel title with four panelists.

“We ran one of the most successful MIT Energy Conferences ever, in part thanks to the marketing advice from Alder. The team was very collaborative and responsive, enabling us to increase the conference’s impact by educating and motivating even more attendees about the future of energy, energy technologies and climate action. I can highly recommend Alder to anyone seeking strategic marketing advice and scaling their climate tech event.”

Anne Qingyang Liu

Co-Managing Director, MIT Energy Conference

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