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Alder & Co. is driven by the purpose of advancing the adoption of climate technologies until they become universal. We envision cleantech systems embodied in every business operation around the world. From Brand to Scale™ Alder collaborates with start-up and mature purpose-driven brands in search of the impact needed to address what we believe one of our generation’s most urgent crises -our environment.

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Melanie Adamson

Founder + Chief Marketing Strategist

Melanie spent the last 20 years researching audiences, building multi-channel plans, and developing sound strategies that have earned her the recognition of her colleagues as a marketing expert among business and consumer industries. Through the partnership of executive and creative staff, she leads the Alder creative and strategic teams to produce successful and effective marketing deliverables for clients. When Mel isn’t running Alder, she loves cooking for family and friends, and sharing stories with a glass of French or Spanish red wine.

  • Disruptive creative
  • Competitive positioning
  • Cracking jokes during awkward pauses

Bettina Grab

Partner & President

Bettina left her corporate career of 15 years to combine her expertise in global B2B tech marketing with her passion — saving the planet. Bettina obsesses about Alder’s “Brand to Scale” approach, advising clients on marketing campaigns that generate leads and drive sales using content marketing & digital demand generation techniques. When Bettina isn’t saving the world with every lead generated, she’s making an impact as a zero waste blogger and activist, and avid yogi and baker of German sourdough bread.

  • Scaling businesses
  • Client Empathy
  • Harvesting old world bacteria for sourdough

Manda Borealis

Art Director

Manda is schooled in electronic mass communications, trained in brand development, and fascinated by the culture-changing power of design. With more than 16 years of experience in design and illustration, her work empowers brands to effectively influence the culture around them. Using creative brand strategies, Manda partners with companies large and small to find targeted media that’s impactful and purposeful. Manda’s roots are in studio painting and illustration, which she continues to enjoy with her daughter.

  • Creative Brainstorm genius
  • Doodle skills
  • Like, Totally referencing 80s Culture

Thomas McCracken

Senior Writer

 In a decade of working with branding, advertising, and marketing firms, Thomas has developed a knack for taking on the unique tone of a brand and executing it consistently to maintain a strong brand voice, while adding color through his own writing style. With emphasis on the storytelling journey, he writes to keep audiences engaged and forever clicking that “learn more” button in their minds. Thomas enjoys hoppy beer, strong coffee, and all forms of adventure. There’s nothing he loves more than a good story.

  • Steeped in cultural nuance
  • Gifted writer of multi-voices
  • Campsite spotter



Member of Minority-owned Business Enterprise

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