Advance Your Climate Tech Story Through Market Trends

by Melanie Adamson | July 29, 2021

Ideas for connecting brand relevance to your audience

Connecting your climate tech brand through a story to broader global, national trends demonstrates the relevance of your brand. As a storyteller, your targets are likely local, national and international. And it adds credibility in a niche industry – like ours.

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Portrait of Melanie Adamson.
Melanie Adamson
Founder & CEO at Alder & Co.

Melanie spent the last 20 years researching audiences, building multi-channel plans, and developing sound strategies that have earned her the recognition of her colleagues as a marketing expert among business and consumer industries. Through the partnership of executive and creative staff, she leads the Alder creative and strategic teams to produce successful and effective marketing deliverables for clients. When Mel isn’t running Alder, she loves cooking for family and friends, and sharing stories with a glass of French or Spanish red wine.

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