Customer discovery yields more leads and higher engagement

MeterLeader is a Los Angeles-based, LACI-supported energy-saving platform that uses behavioral science, integrated with real-time energy data from utilities, to engage users in energy-saving challenges.

MeterLeader’s team got creative during the global COVID-19 pandemic and started targeting California-based sustainability-focused companies to encourage their now home-based employees to save energy and to measure and report GHG emissions.

The challenge was to better identify, understand, reach, and engage the relevant decision-makers at large sustainability-focused companies in California.

Together with the MeterLeader team, we developed a two-phased approach by first, identifying relevant corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and employee engagement decision-makers at large California-based, sustainability-focused companies. We conducted customer interviews and developed its target B2B persona.

Second, we developed highly engaging, educational content based on MeterLeader’s unique behavioral science insights and guided it to refine its landing page for companies.

Finally, we created a highly targeted direct outreach campaign, using a mix of personalized email and LinkedIn messages, to deliver the content to a list of 150 decision-makers we identified based on MeterLeader’s target B2B persona.

We secured five demos, and activated sales with three corporate targets. 


  • Customer discovery
  • Web strategy
  • Content development
  • Social media & email lead generation campaign

demos booked

sales conversations


email open rate

“Alder has been instrumental in unlocking a new, highly attractive market for MeterLeader: large sustainability-focused companies in California. The team’s understanding of B2B marketing strategy, content marketing, and lead generation is second-to-none. We couldn’t have made such significant progress with our business development without their support. The team is fun to work with, 100% reliable and accountable. I highly recommend Alder to any B2B cleantech start-up that wants to scale through effective marketing and lead generation.”

Natalie Zandt

Founder & CEO, MeterLeader



Member of Minority-owned Business Enterprise

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