Net Zero Insights’ Latest Research Featured as Exclusive in Latitude Media

by Alder & Co. | January 2, 2024

Supporting Net Zero Insights’ desire to gain exposure for their latest climate research, Alder secured an exclusive with Latitude Media which provided visibility to their proprietary data and positioned Net Zero Insights as a credible source for global climate research.

Maeve Allsup, Latitude Media’s founding reporter, writes:

Last year saw a diversification of cleantech’s capital stack that may signal just how quickly the market is maturing, according to data prepared exclusively for Latitude Media by Net Zero Insights.

“Climate is, by nature, inclined to a more diversified type of stack,” said Federico Cristoforoni, founder of Net Zero Insights. “That’s because the problems cleantech is focused on largely require physical and infrastructure-based solutions,” he added.

Read more about Net Zero Insights’ climate research in Latitude.

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