Liminal’s EV Battery Inspection Technology and Addition of ‘Battery Czar’ Recognized by Forbes 

by Alder & Co. | July 10, 2023

Alder supported Liminal’s desire to announce a new strategic advisor and raise overall visibility in top-tier business press by securing coverage in Forbes.

Ed Garston, senior contributor at Forbes, writes:

To try to catch (…) flaws before they reach the marketplace, Emeryville, Calif. firm Liminal has not only developed a technology to do so, but announced Monday it has brought on as a strategic advisor Denise Gray, known in the industry as the “battery czar.”

“My goal as an advisor is just to support Liminal in meeting its goals, from technology, from, working in this industry, whatever they need, I want to be able to help,” said Gray in an interview.

Read the full article in Forbes.

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