Climate Tech Investments Reach $59B Year-To-Date

by Melanie Adamson | October 20, 2022

Funding for Climate Tech Startups in Europe and North America Alone Accounts for 19% of Global Venture Capital Deployed

LONDON/PORTLAND, Ore. – Oct. 20, 2022 – Net Zero Insights, the leading market intelligence platform for climate tech in Europe and North America, together with Alder & Co., a purpose-driven climate tech marketing agency, today announced third quarter climate tech investment results for 2022. A comprehensive set of insights and funding activities reveals climate tech funding is on track to reach an all-time high at year’s end, beating the previous record of $64.1B set in 2021.

“The global economic crisis and the tech slowdown hit the venture market hard in 2022,” said Federico Cristoforoni, co-founder and CEO at Net Zero Insights. “However, climate tech prevailed, increasing its share of global venture investment despite the decline. With the energy crisis on everyone’s mind, climate tech brings hope and has proven it’s here to stay.”

While end-of-year records are set to break, the overall quarter-over-quarter funding decreased by 43% compared to Q1 2022 – a record quarter for VC investment globally. “In North America, we suspect the anticipation of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) passing legislation cooled climate tech investments in Q3,” said Melanie Adamson, chief marketing strategist at Alder. The UK and Nordic countries bucked this trend with increasing funding coming from batteries and energy sectors, up by 104%.

Other sectors that are gaining investments include greenhouse gas removal technologies which saw a skyrocketing increase in funding of 24,000% year-over-year in the US alone. “As polluters and corporations start investing massively to reduce their carbon footprint, they will also need to capture and offset hard-to-abate emissions to meet their Net Zero targets. This, combined with the increasing technological maturity of carbon capture and removal solutions, makes me expect this investment area to continue growing rapidly.” Cristoforoni said.

“Unstable energy supplies in Europe undoubtedly are fueling energy innovation.”

While hydrogen technology remains the darling of the press and investors, the sector as a whole saw a 29% funding decline in Europe; however, the bigger picture shows a significant year-over-year increase of 181%.
The winner among countries that captures the most investment remains the US with $8.7B, though it saw a continuous decline over Q3. The UK saw the second-highest flow of capital, hitting $1.7B.
At the end of the spectrum, Germany showed a massive drop in investments of 60% quarter-over-quarter and 78% year-over-year.

“Unstable energy supplies in Europe undoubtedly are fueling energy innovation,” Cristoforoni said. The energy sector attracted more than 43 percent of the investment, while transport and circular economy technologies followed in Q3 2022. Northvolt’s $1.1B recent round of funding led the quarter in attracting the most investment. TeraWatt closely followed with a $1B investment.

State of Climate Tech Q3 2022. Funding Snapshot. Energy attracted 43% of investment. Transport and circular economy follow in Q3 2022. Data: energy  43%, transport 17.7%, circular economy 12.5%, food and agriculture 10.1%, emission control 5.4%, industry 3%, greenhouse gas (GHG) removal 2.7%, built environment 3.1%, water 1.4%, natural environment 1%. Note that an organisation can address several climate change challenge areas. The same round can be counted more than once across the relevant challenge areas. Source: Net Zero Insights.

For more details on climate tech investment by sector, funding and geography, read the full report.

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