Dear Friends … We Have Some BIG News.

by Melanie Adamson and Bettina Grab | June 2, 2021

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Advisors and Future Clients:

We have some BIG news.

Alder Agency & Co. is merging with ImpactB2B to become the climate tech industry’s leading marketing powerhouse. Already steeped in the industry and with more than 15 years each of energy and tech experience, founders Bettina Grab and Melanie Adamson are positioned to guide clients through a proven growth methodology called Brand to Scale®.

Leading and Collaborating

“We’re a Latina-owned, women-owned business that brings a passion for change and diverse cultural and business experiences to clients in an ever-changing marketplace,” Mel says.

As Alder & Co, a refresh of the brand, we will lead clients through strategic planning, branding, fundraising, demand generation, PR and content delivery.

We met nearly a year ago and soon realized we shared the same vision of making climate tech universal within every business. And our complementary skills make us competitively positioned to take on any client. Our partnership doubles down on our commitment to our planet and our people.

Growing and Growing

“Brand to Scale® is our approach to delivering high-impact strategies for results-driven businesses,” Bettina says.

Now that our rebrand is nearly complete, we’re focused on growth. Growth for our clients and Alder. Because when our clients achieve their mission, by the same token, we achieve our own. A recent client list includes Ecotope, Camus Energy, Community Energy Labs, Copper Labs, PGE and Viatec.

From our offices in Portland and the Bay Area, we thank you for continuing to support us in our journey.

Now, let’s get this party started. Visit to read our manifesto.

Mel & Bettina

Book cover artwork for “Becoming a Unicorn: Growth marketing to take your climate tech company from Brand to Scale™” by Alder & Co.

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