A Brand Ready to Disrupt Battery Manufacturing

Battery manufacturing intelligence provider, Liminal, is improving the performance and safety of EV batteries while decreasing manufacturing and lifetime costs. By addressing key challenges for EV scalability, Liminal opens the door to a world where safer, more affordable EVs are accessible to everyone.

As the company prepared to close its Series A round, it was poised to unlock a new era of growth. Operating under its former company name ‘Feasible’, the team had built, tested and refined its battery manufacturing intelligence solution until it was ready to move out of the lab and into the market.

But the old branding no longer reflected the forward momentum of the company and the breakthrough impact their technology would have on the market.

The Liminal team was looking for a trusted marketing partner to guide them along the next stages of their growth journey; to

  • Create an impactful, differentiated brand
  • Bring the brand to life through a professional digital presence
  • Launch the new brand alongside its Series A funding announcement
  • Continue to position Liminal as a thought leader and educate the market about the new product category of battery manufacturing intelligence
  • Showcase the company values and attract talent for future growth.

Alder got to work creating a future-proof brand that

  • Positions Liminal as a company that is dedicated to building transformative battery intelligence technology for automotive battery manufacturers and OEMs
  • Works closely with customers on a foundation of mutual trust and informed decisions, and
  • Values personal growth, continuous learning and safety.

Through a series of in-depth creative workshops with the Liminal team and external stakeholders, Alder developed the positioning, messaging, and visual brand architecture.

The PR launch focused on the catalytic role Liminal’s technology plays in the transition to electric mobility by improving battery safety, reliability and performance.

With a new search engine optimized and responsive website, digital content strategy, and ongoing public relations and event support from Alder, the Liminal team is now set for growth and positioned as a thought leader and product category creator.

With a new website, digital content strategy, and ongoing PR support from Alder, the Liminal team is now set for growth.


  • Brand strategy and management
  • New brand identity
    (logo, color palette, typography, image style, tagline, voice)
  • PR and media relations
  • Digital strategy
    (web, social media, email newsletter)
  • Content strategy and development, including video, animations, sales/pitch decks
  • Event support

feature media interviews

average monthly web visitors


quarter-on-quarter LinkedIn follower growth

media impressions

earned media placements

Image of computer with Liminal Website

“As we rebranded as Liminal, we needed the right marketing and PR partner to support us during this crucial time for the company. The Alder team offered comprehensive guidance and expertise at every turn, which has been invaluable for Liminal’s growth and positioning as thought leaders in battery manufacturing intelligence. I highly recommend Alder to any climate tech company looking for a partner who can quickly wrap their head around complex technologies and tell a compelling story. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with the Alder team.”

Andrew Hsieh

Co-founder & CEO, Liminal



Member of Minority-owned Business Enterprise

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